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Summer Suite: Green Predominating

Lithograph, 1976

Signed and numbered from the edition of 40

Printed by Curwen Studio, published by Editions Alecto

Sheet/ image 56.8 x 77cms

Colours used in this print, as listed by Editions Alecto: green, black, blue, light green, white.

Reference: William Scott: A Survey of His Original Prints (Archeus, 2005), no. 56, ill. p. 43.

floated in bespoke white box frame


One of William Scott’s very finest prints, unsurpassed in its intensity of colour and purity of form, and highly scarce, being produced in such a small edition. Scott spoke of the post-War period, in which he reached artistic maturity, as ‘a world without colour’: his luminous use of colour is thus a reaction to such austerity, and the three lithographs that form Summer Suite mark a climax in his interest in pure colour. Green Predominating is an important work too in the stylisation of its forms, which hover between representation and abstraction, creating a still life charged with ambiguity. These forms are animated by their delicate counterpointing of light and dark, of solid and outline, and by their subtle modifications of the ellipse.

Scott is a master of intuitive arrangement, yet his positioning is always underpinned by his understanding of Classical geometry. Here the golden section provides the structure, both vertically (marked by the divide between light and dark forms) and horizontally (marked by the divide in the middle form), whilst the sliver of blue at the top, providing a minimal horizon, adds to the impression of harmony, and increases the sense of projection.

Examples of this print are held in the Tate and in the Government’s Downing Street Art Collection.

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