poole - poole


wood engraving, 1979

signed, titled and numbered from edition of 150 by the artist in pencil

263 x 162 mm. (plate)

References: Anne Stevens. Monica Poole: wood engraver, Ashmolean Museum, 1993 (Cat no. 39, example in Ashmoleon Museum, Oxford); George Mackley. Monica Poole: Wood Engraver, 1984 (illustrated as frontispiece.)

“Her love of trees is apparent in engravings such as Old Trees, Gully.” (Anne Stevens. Monica Poole: wood engraver, p. 16)

“What Monica Poole says to us about her inner experience of trees will inevitably differ from what is said of other subjects, but it may well be that the subjects have vital elements in common. If, as I have suggested, she likes depth and remoteness, she does convey something of this in her woods… It will be noticed that Monica Poole, when dealing with tree or other textures, selects those that appeal to her as of the greatest relevance and of the greatest emotive significance. These textures are superbly engraved and the problems which she sets herself are solved with great technical brilliance.” (George Mackley. Monica Poole: Wood Engraver, p. 8.)


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