Cliffe - Cliffe

Untitled (abstract figure)

gouache on paper

executed circa 1955

23 x 15¾ in., 58.5 x 40 cm.

Provenance: Private Collection, London.

£1,450 (framed)

Cliffe came into contact with many of the ‘St Ives School’ artists during his time at Corsham, in particular Peter Lanyon and Roger Hilton. ‘Untitled (Abstract Figure)’ shares with Hilton’s work of the time an abstracting of the body into loosely geometric proportions and a flattening of the figure that makes depth the job of colour and texture. This painting also shows an awareness of contemporary American trends, in particular de Kooning’s abstract expressionist treatments of the female body, that radically distort, placing an emphasis on painterly animation of the surface.

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