Eric Fitch Daglish

Eric Fitch Daglish SWE (British, 1894-1966)

Eric Fitch Daglish was born in London and studied at Hereford County College and at University in London and Bonn where he studied science. He served in the army in France during WW!. He went on to become a professional naturalist lecturing on zoology at Toynbee Hall. He was a close friend of Paul Nash and learned wood engraving from him. Daglish exhibited three wood engravings at the opening exhibition of the Society of Wood Engravers (1920). Daglish was a fine draughtsman and engraver and illustrated many books on natural history and a series of books for children.

Mr. Daglish has quickly established himself as the Bewick of our times, with his exquisite woodcuts of birds and fishes and wildlife. He has done nothing more charming than his series of six animal books. Such delicate craftsmanship, of both pen and the engraver’s knife, is wholly delightful. (The Daily News.)

His work is held in a number of public collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and the British Museum.

Reference: Horne, Alan. The Dictionary of British Book Illustrators: 162-163.