Michael Randall

Michael Randall (British, 1947-2000)

Michael Randall (1947-2000) was a painter of light. Although his subjects are chiefly the human figure and the quiet dramas of everyday life, his real subject was light and colour. His colours, applied in thick, bold swathes were exquisitely life-affirming and warm, even when the content itself was sometimes more muted in tone. Although Michael Randall was based just outside Cambridge during much of his artistic career, he was born on the south coast in Southampton and studied fine art and printmaking at Southampton Art College before going on to the Royal Academy Schools, where he developed his drawing and painting abilities. The Schools’ emphasis on an artist’s need for life drawing skills suited Randall’s attitude to fine art – that life drawing was the basis of all good work.  At his RA Schools Diploma exhibition in 1975, Southampton City Art Gallery bought the principle work in his collection, Daydream, which remains in the Gallery’s permanent collection and is listed in the Public Catalogue Foundation’s “Art UK”. Michael Randall’s paintings were shown during his lifetime in a wide range of exhibitions throughout the United Kingdom and also in Paris, but the Cambridge Book & Print Gallery is proud to be exhibiting for the first time such a broad and sustained range of Randall’s works that he left behind in his studio at his untimely death.