Adam Hargreaves

Adam Hargreaves (British b. 1963)

Adam Hargreaves was born in Surrey in 1963. He inherited his father Roger’s artistic ability, but after a year at Art College in Brighton, Adam decided to follow a career in Agriculture. He went to agricultural college and worked as a dairyman and stockman on farms for a number of years before his father’s untimely death in 1988. Adam spent the last 15 years continuing the business and creative legacy his father left behind. In 2003 he took the decision to put his own mark on the series and created 6 new Mr. Men and Little Miss characters. Adam continues to be involved in the writing and illustrating of new stories for the Mr. Men and Little Miss series. The Mr Men were originally created by Roger Hargreaves in 1971. The first Mr Men animated series was produced in 1974, narrated by Authur Lowe. Since then several new animated series have been made, featuring the more recent Mr Men and Little Miss characters. Roger Hargreaves died in 1988, having created more than 70 Mr Men and Little Miss characters. His son Adam continued drawing and writing Mr Men and Little Miss books, and has written several new stories featuring old characters.