Marie Boyle

Marie Boyle (French B. 1966)

Born in Blois, France in 1966 and brought up in a family of art collectors, Marie moved to Paris at 18 to study graphic design at the École Superieur d’Art Moderne (E.S.A.M). She graduated in 1987 and worked as an assistant art director specializing in logos.

She gained experience in a couple of Paris advertising agencies before moving to Oxford, England, where she started a family. Since 1999, she has concentrated on oil painting and belongs to the C.21 art group.

Her work has featured in Art auctions (along with the work of Mary Fedden; Antony Gormley and Richard Wentworth), the Said gallery, St Edward’s college and various Oxford galleries. She is a member of the Oxford Art Society and has opened her studio during Oxford Art Weeks since 2001.

The style is semi-abstract. She aims to unify shape, tone and colour. “A flat surface covered with colours assembled in a certain order”. She is on a search for simplicity. Travelling in Northern Africa has influenced her work. The shapes of Islamic culture and the strength of both the light and the shade of this Mediterranean region, is reflected in her portrayal of the places and the people she has painted.

Her work is collected in many private collections including Oxford, London, Oslo, Paris, Beirut, Tunis, Munich and Barcelona.