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Mary A. Brooks (fl. mid twentieth century)

Mary A. Brooks illustrated and authored a large number of children's books mainly during the 1950s and 1960s, the important period when colourful children's illustration was beginning to flourish. Her work is charming and highly detailed whilst retaining a soft edge, and is often aimed at younger children. She was celebrated especially for her illustrated stories centering on animal family life.

References: Written and illustrated by Mary Brooks: The Evacuees. A Tale for Children, 1942; Green Bacon. A Tale for Children, 1942; Who will play with me? 1963; One, Two, Three. 1., 2., 3., 1966; Animal Adventures, 1967; Animal Paradise, 1967; Hey Diddle Diddle Rhymes, 1966; Jack and Jill Rhymes, 1966; Animal Wonderland, 1967; Nursery Rhymes, 1969; The Adventures of Rufus, 1969;

Illustrated by Mary Brooks:
Smith, P. Kimba, 1945; Graham, S. M. The Adventures of Peppty the Pixie, 1952; Battersby, M. A. Little Kanga's Pocket, 1952; Smith, P. Fun in Twistle Wood, 1953; Battersby, M. A. The Lonely Little Turtle, 1953, Macrow, B. G. J. Field Folk. Verses, 1958; Kandy Colour Strip Book, 1958; White, J.D.B. Kandy in Bunny-Babe Land, 1958; White, J.D.B. Kandy meets the Bunny-Babes, 1958; Hodgetts, S. The New Big Sleep Time Book, 1959; Rock, N. Bobo and the Crocodile, 1961; Rock, N. The Hat, 1960; Macrow, B. G. J. Babies of the Wild, 1962; Edwards, L. Calling all Bears, 1964; Hodgetts, S. Sleepy Time Tales, 1964; Edwards, L. Calling all Pets, 1966; Turner, E. S. Seven Little Australians, 1975; Hayes, B. Baby Animal Stories, 1979; Hayes, B. Before I go to Sleep, 1978; Hayes, B. Peppy the Little Fairy, and nine other tales, 1980; Hayes, B. Pixie Peapod, and nine other tales, 1980; Hayes, B. Pook goes bump, and nine other tales, 1980; Hayes, B. Pucki the Piper, and nine other tales, 1980; Hayes, B. A Visit to Fairyland, 1980;.

Mary A. Brooks. Original illustration for Little Kanga's Pocket

Kanga hopped along to where Mr. Owl sat blinking in the moonlight
Original illustration for Little Kanga's Pocket
watercolour and bodycolour over pencil on board
24.5 x 16 cm. (image)
27.5 x 19.5 cm. (sheet)


Battersby, Marie Angela. Little Kanga's Pocket, London: Low, Marston, 1952, illustrated p. [12].

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